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SAFE Hotline is an independent third-party Ethics Hotline provider that offers businesses and nonprofit organizations an anonymous and confidential service as a means for employees and other interested parties to report potential fraud, ethics violations and other concerns. Our service is a cost effective way to help bring incidents to light before they cause your organization loss of business, theft of assets, legal issues, or damage to your reputation.

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Reasons to Subscribe

  • Ethics hotlines allow you to monitor your business from the perspective of your employees and other interested parties without them fearing repercussion
  • Organizations with fraud hotlines are much more likely to catch fraud by a tip. A study by The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found organizations with a whistleblower hotline experienced frauds that were 50% less costly and detected fraud 50% more quickly.
  • Having a publicized whistleblower hotline acts as a deterrent to potential perpetrators
  • Research shows in-house hotlines do not fully protect your company. A third party whistleblower hotline service makes your employees feel safer and more confident to make a report since they are less likely to be identified, and thus less likely to receive some form of retaliation.
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Safe Hotline Features

  • Allows 24/7/365 anonymous and confidential whistleblower reporting for employees, board members or other interested parties by web form submission, toll-free phone, or text message.
  • A Case Management tool is included that allows your company to track, analyze, and attach case notes and documents to submitted reports. The case management system also allows you to assign users access to only the cases they are investigating.
  • Anonymous 2 way communication is available, if the reporter opts in
  • All reports are permanently retained, can be searched, and are easily retrievable. Also the reports are non deletable, so regardless of who the report pertains to it will remain unaltered.
  • Emails are sent to all company defined users in the administrator role every time a new report is filed
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  • $50 a month for organizations with less than 250 employees. *
  • $40 a month for Non Profit organizations with less than 250 employees.*
  • Yearly subscriptions include an additional discount.
  • No Contract Required, No Setup Fees
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* First 6 months is due upon registration.
Contact Us for quotes on companies with 250 or more employees.

A Great Tool for Anonymous Reporting of Fraud, Harassment, Abuse, Embezelment Suspicious Activity, Abuse, Fraud, and Ethics Violations