SAFE HOTLINE Whistleblower Hotline Service, and Ethics Hotline Provider

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why subscribe to Safe Hotline?

    Safe Hotline provides organizations with an affordable, confidential and anonymous ethics hotline service that their employees, volunteers, vendors, customers and other interested parties can use to report potential fraud, ethical issues and other wrongdoings. By subscribing to Safe Hotline’s whistleblower service, the company is demonstrating to its employees their desire to maintain high integrity and transparency and to provide a safe working environment for all concerned. Safe Hotline does not have any additional hidden fees like many of our competitors. Your subscription fee is all you will pay.

  • How would an employee report a suspected or actual incident?

    We offer three safe and secure methods for an employee to report a workplace concern. The employee can enter their complaint on our secure website, call our toll free hotline 24 hours, 7 days a week and leave a voice mail which we transcribe, or they can send a text message detailing their concern to the same toll free number.

  • What type of complaints or concerns should be reported?

    There are numerous examples of issues and concerns that can be reported anonymously and confidentially using Safe Hotline. Some examples are:

    Accounting Errors or Misrepresentations Bribery, Kickbacks, or Corruption
    Discrimination Embezzlement or Misappropriation of Assets
    Ethics Violation or Misconduct Falsification of Documentation
    Harassment or Violence Privacy Law, Identity Theft, or Security of Personal Information
    Substance Abuse Theft of Inventory or Assets
    Vandalism or Sabotage of Company Property Violation of the Law or Company Policy
  • Are employee reported incidents screened?

    No. All reported complaints can be viewed by any or all of the authorized company personnel exactly as it was reported.

  • How is the employer notified of reported incidents and who gets access to them?

    All Employees setup with the Administrator role will receive an email when a new report has been submitted to your company. The first Administrator user is created during the registration process. Once the users receive an email about a new report they can go to our secure site and view the complaint in summary or detail format through our Case Management System. You can setup as many users as you desire and users can also be setup in the Investigator role and then assigned and restricted to individual cases.

  • After we register, what materials will my company receive?

    We will mail you a poster with your unique company ID that should be prominently displayed at your organization. The poster gives instructions for employees wishing to file a complaint. Additional posters and business cards are also available on our website for purchase. Upon successful registration you will be emailed your company ID and your organization will be completely setup to receive reports immediately.

  • What languages does Safe Hotline support?

    Currently we support reports made in English or Spanish only.

  • Does our company need a written whistleblower policy?

    Yes. There are Federal laws that prohibit all corporations from retaliating against whistleblowers calling out their employer’s accounting practices. Therefore, it would be prudent business practice to have a written whistleblower policy to address complaints. Providing a hotline service as a component of the whistleblower policy is a proactive detection measure and has been found to be vital in catching frauds and limiting their losses.

  • If my company has a written whistleblower policy, why do I need your service?

    Our service is an integral component to a written whistleblower policy. We offer a safe and secure way for employees to report their concerns about company incidents. In some cases, the very person an employee would like to report for unscrupulous practices is their immediate supervisor. Having a confidential way for an employee to voice their complaints, assures all employees that management embraces high standards of business and personal ethics and desires the best possible working environment for their employees.

  • What is the Internal Revenue Service's views on written whistleblower policies?

    They believe a whistleblower policy is helpful because “a whistleblower policy encourages staff and volunteers to come forward with credible information on illegal practices or violations of adopted policies of the organization, specifies that the organization will protect the individual from retaliation and identifies those staff or board members or outside parties to whom such information can be reported.” (Quote taken from the Instructions for Form 990)

  • What is the cost for subscribing to Safe Hotline?
    Non Profit Organizations
    For Organizations with less than 250 employees - $40 per month with 6 months due at signup, or $450 per year
    For Profit Organizations
    For Organizations with less than 250 employees - $50 per month with 6 months due at signup, or $570 per year
    Please or email us at for quotes on companies with more than 250 employees