SAFE HOTLINE Whistleblower Hotline Service, and Ethics Hotline Provider
SAFE Hotline Services

SAFE Hotline Services

SAFE Hotline offers companies an independent, third party, confidential and anonymous Whistleblower Reporting Service as a means for employees and other interested parties to report suspicious activity, abuse, potential fraud, ethics violations and other wrongdoings.

We believe SAFE Hotline offers three main benefits to every organization. It enhances employee relations, helps you to protect your company's assets, and allows you to safeguard your organization's reputation. For more information on why your organization needs SAFE Hotline

How SAFE Hotline works:

Once registered, your company will receive an 18 x 24 or 24 X 36 color Poster that can be displayed in a prominent location. The poster provides all the information necessary for an individual to file a complaint anonymously. If desired, you may purchase additional posters and/or business cards.

Submitting Reports

Safe Hotline offers employees and other interested party's three easy ways to anonymously report their concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Calling our toll-free number
  • Using our secure web form
  • Sending a text message to our toll-free number
Available Poster Designs
Wallet Card
Employee Wallet Card

Once the report is submitted by any of the three methods the reporter is given a unique Report Key that allows them to anonymously follow up on their report. If the report is made through the web form, the reporter can also opt-in to allowing Anonymous two-way communication which allows the employer and reporter to communicate back and forth securely through

Report Notification

When a new report is filed, we will promptly notify your organization by emailing the authorized individual(s) selected by you. The authorized individual(s) can personally investigate the allegation reported, or assign the complaint to another individual within the company. We assume no responsibility for the validity or accuracy of any complaint submitted through our service and we do not edit or alter the information we receive in any way. Please refer to our Terms of Use for additional information.

Case Management System

After you have received an email that a new report has come in, you will go to, log in and be redirected to our Case Management System.

Reports are first displayed in summary format and can be opened individually to edit case details such as risk levels, people involved, and case priority. You are also able to add case notes, to upload supporting documents or review documents pertaining to the incident that have been uploaded by the complainant. The Case Management System also allows the organization to set up investigator users who only have access to specific cases. A detailed “Help” screen is available to assist the organization in making the best use of this valuable tool.

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Whistleblower Hotline Case Management screen